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Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy. Thanks for visiting our Privacy & Policy at Santa Maria Flowers, we are pleased you are here

Disclaimer, Substitutions, Privacy and Terms of Use Policies


Thank You for shopping at Santa Maria Flowers. Santa Maria Flowers is a Full Service, Family Owned florist and gift shop. The products on our website are generally available throughout the United States and Canada but due to seasonal and/or regional availability items may or may not be available in the region you are sending to. Please read our Substitution and Service Policy (below) before placing your order. Orders placed before noon in the recipient's delivery time zone can be delivered the same day. The exception to this availability is during major floral holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day. During such times we will attempt to place your order but it could be delayed one day.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Simply stated, we believe all people are created equal. We do not base our business decisions on matters of religion, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation or preference. Every person is treated with the same respect and our desire to serve.


At, or any of its sister websites, we recognize and respect the importance of filling your order as requested. Years of experience has also taught us that "generally speaking" most customers are more concerned that their order be filled and that their friend or loved one's floral order be delivered (on the requested date) even if your first choice is not available.

If you do not want us to allow substitutions on your order please check the appropriate box on the final checkout form. If however, you desire that we do our best to fill your order even if we need to change it from your original request then please check substitutions OK.

Our policy on substitutions is as follows:

We always try to fill the order as requested.
We try to fill the order as close as possible to the original request if the original item is not available.
We attempt to inform the sender prior to substitution if possible.
We always fill the order to the same or greater value.
If we approve something of a greater value without your consent it has been done at our expense.
The filling florist must receive orders no later than 12 Noon for same day delivery. (Recipients time zone)

Order Acceptance

Upon placing an order in our shopping cart you will receive and automated response from our shopping cart service. This response is simply that, an automated response showing intitial processing of your order. We reserve the right to reject any order without cause via email, telephone or postal mail.

Site Availability

We do not guarantee the availability of this or any of our websites.

Timed Deliveries

We cannot and do not guarantee that an order will be delivered by a certain time unless you have paid for a timed delivery as a separate item and we have accepted your order on that basis. Otherwise, a time request will be treated as that, a request but no guarantee is made or implied that the order will be delivered at the requested time.


If you place an order on our website you agree to notify us within 48 hours if there is a problem with the product. Flowers are a perishable product and we cannot entertain complaints without the possibility to remedy any problems which arise.


Your Privacy and Terms of Use of Our Site

At, we recognize and respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of our customers and have established this Privacy Policy as a result. Below we describe why we gather customer information, what information we collect, how we collect it, what we use the information for and how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information. We are a hometown florist owned and operated by consumers just like you. We will endeavor to treat you with the same courtesy and respect with which we desire to be treated.

Why do we gather information?

Since our inception, has consistently provided our customers with quality goods and excellent customer service. We gather personal information to allow us to process your orders, to provide you with quality service and satisfaction, include you in a free drawing or other type of contest and to inform you of special offers and discounts. If you do not wish to be informed of offers and discounts please state so in the special instructions section of your order form every time you use our site. If you "opt-out" of our mailings but later place an order with us you will need to "opt-out" again. In addition- we are dedicated to creating a site which is easy to use, intuitive, and which is a pleasant experience and not an aggravation.

What information do we gather?

When you order from our Web site, we collect the following information: your name, telephone number, email address, billing information (credit card number, expiration date and billing address), occasion type (birthday, Mothers day, etc.), products purchased, any relevant promotion code and information and the recipient's name, address and telephone number. Information you enter is collected even if you cancel or do not complete an order.

In addition- we collect information about the type of operating system you are using, the Internet Browser type and version you are using, the resolution of your video screen, the type of scripts you allow and other publicly displayed information about your computer. We do this in order to design a site which is accessible by the widest number of people but which still offers state of the art features and convenience. For example.. We have chosen to use Java Scripts on our site so that the site is easily updateable because the vast majority of people allow such scripting when browsing the net. Understandably, some people will not be able to use our site because of this, but for most people our use of scripts will provide an enhanced browsing experience once you have begun to use our site. After first visiting our site the scripts are loaded into your browser's memory and thereby make the load time of each subsequent page faster.

How we use "cookies"

A "cookie" is a small file stored on your computer by a Web site, which gives you a numeric user ID and stores certain information about your activity on the site. We use cookies to let us know that you are a prior customer. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but most allow you to instruct your browser to prevent the use of cookies. However, if you disable this feature you will still be able to shop at without any problems. Our goal is to enhance your experience not to cause you concern.

How we use the information we collect about you.

We use information we collect from you to process your orders, to provide an enhanced and more personalized shopping experience and to inform you of offers and discounts from or other sites and companies that we own.
We do not force you to create a user profile to use our site.
All Billing appears on your card as Santa Maria Flowers
Email list are never sold or used by third parties.
Our internal system is virtually paperless.
All IP addresses are logged.
Data is NEVER transferred to a third party except as outlined in this document.
We transfer Recipient Name, Address, Telephone and Directions to a third party florist in order to arrange delivery of our order is beyond our delivery zone.
We NEVER sell your information.
We NEVER allow your information to be used by a third party company unless ordered to do so by a court of law.
Additionally, we may surrender information to a uniformed police officer who has stated that he or she is investigating a complaint, who provides documentation, and who signs our log.
We respect your time and promise to limit the mailings we send each year.

Your Security

Our Web site encrypts your credit card number prior to transmission over the Internet using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. This technology works best when the site is viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. In addition to this secure encryption your credit card number or other information is never retained on any computer accessible by the Internet.

Your Credit Card Information and Social Security Number are never fully printed on a mailable document and are only accessible by employees on a need to know basis. All computers are password protected and data is encrypted and contained in a monitored building. In short, your private information is stored with our own.

Using Our Site

By using our site you agree to use it on an "as is" basis. You agree to hold Santa Maria Flowers and its owners, computer manufacturers, computer code authors, java script authors and any and all related owners and vendors harmless from the results of using this site. You agree that you are using our site at your own risk and that some computer scripts or code may not be written in such a manner to support your own computer environment. You also agree to hold Santa Maria Flowers and its owners, computer manufacturers, computer code authors, java script authors and any and all related owners and vendors harmless from any damage that might be done to your computer which is the result of incompatibility with your software or hardware configuration.

By using our site you agree to not engage in any of the following practices: using our site to spam, ping, email, ftp, http, or otherwise a third party other than by following a link placed on our site.

By using our site you agree in all cases that Santa Maria Flowers and its owners are responsible only for replacement of the defective product or reimbursement for the product, at the owner's discretion, and in no event for more than the cost of the original order.

Opting Out: If you should not want to receive information and special offers from us please follow the instructions at the bottom of every mailing and you will be removed immediately. Please understand that you may receive an additional mailing or two from us as a result of advanced queuing, we have honored your request but sometimes cannot remove a name from a mailing. Also, please understand that if you order from our site, enter a contest or otherwise submit your email address after you have opted out you will need to opt out again.

If you would like to update or correct information previously provided to us, please use our Contact Form located on the Office Page.

Delivery and Fulfillment Fees

The delivery and/or fulfillment fees stated on our websites may be more or less than the actual charge to arrange delivery to you or your recipient.

Your Cancellation and Change Fees

Once you place your order on our site we will work quickly to carry out your orders. In some cases we have incurred cost and reserve the right to pass those cost on to you in the event that you need to change or cancel your order. Some of the events in which we might have incurred cost and might determine to retain a portion of the original fees:

We have charged your credit or debit card or initiated an automated clearinghouse entry.
We have sent the order (per your instructions) to another florist and have incurred fees in transfer.
We have made the product and attempted delivery.
You have sent the payment via PayPal in which case we immediately are charged for the transaction.
We have special ordered product in your behalf.
You have won a bid on one of our auctions.

We will always try to be fair in cancelling orders, however we do incur cost when you place an order and then cancel the order and in order to remain a sound business we must recoup those cost. You will be charged for any losses sustained such as but not limited to credit card discount fees imposed by third party credit card processing agencies, delivery fees, restocking fees or other losses directly sustained by Santa Maria Flowers in behalf of your order.

We Reserve the Right to Conform Your Order

In the event you have entered incorrect information into the shopping cart thereby causing incorrect tax or delivery charge calculations we reserve the right to conform your order to the posted delivery and/or tax charges. For example... if you are a resident of California and/or the order is for delivery to a California address we must charge California Sales Tax. If during the checkout process you select No to the question "Are you a resident of California or will your order be delivered to a California address" this will cause an incorrect calculation of your final order and will be corrected before charging your credit card.

Your Consent and Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to change our policies at our discretion and without informing you of those changes unless you have requested on your order to be informed of any changes we make to this policy. Subject to the above provisions, by using our Web site, you consent to the collection and use of information by us and the terms of this Privacy Policy. We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time and we will post those changes so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we may disclose it. In addition, if you would like notice of changes to the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please use our Contact Form located on the Office Page.


By using this website and placing an order through this site you agree that Santa Maria Flowers will not be held responsible for any loss sustained by you for any failure to supply products or services. Santa Maria Flowers will not be responsible for losses due to equiptment failure, internet failure, email delays, server failure, acts of god, acts of mother nature or other delays in providing services. Additionally, Santa Maria Flowers will not be responsible for losses due to equiptment failure, internet failure, email delays, server failure, acts of god, acts of mother nature or other failures or acts which prohibit our fulfillment of any service or provision of product.

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